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We are pleased to announce the grand opening of Kinumo, which is a shop in Shinjuku, Tokyo that specializes in rental kimono. We’re a good selection of kimono. 
*Kinumo Address HanamichiTokyoKabukicho Bld.2nd floor,1-6-12,Kabuki-Cho,Shinjuku-Ku,Tokyo-To,160-0021,Japan *

Opening hours 10:00am to 7:00pm Open year round


​How to Rental

  1. Reservation

    You can make your reservation online(24H) or phone call.

  2. Coming to “Kinumo”
    Please bring your passport.
    Last check in time is 7:00PM.All process take you about 1H per group.

  3. Choose your outfit
    Choose your special outfit from many Kimono,Yukata or many Japanese-Modern costumes.

  4. Kimono Dressing and Hair Set

    There is nothing else in particular you are required to bring for fitting Kimono.

  5. Select Bags and Accessories
    You can bring a pouch and Zori.

  6. Enjoy your plan
    Please enjoy HANAMICHI TOKYO KABUKICHO and many sightseeing spots around Shinjuku.

  7. Return
    Last return time is 7:00PM.
    If you are unable to return Kinomo until 7:00 PM ,we also offer an option for an extension with an additional charge.

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